June 7, 1930 — Magen David Adom Founded

Magen David Adom (Red Shield of David) is reborn as the emergency medical service for the Jewish community of Palestine in response to the Arab riots against Jews in 1929. Magen David Adom officially becomes Israel’s Red Cross affiliate in 1950. 

June 8, 1971 — First El Al 747 Takes Off

The first El Al flight using a Boeing 747 jumbo jet departs Lod Airport for London and New York. The fully booked flight, captained by Oded Abarbanel, carries 400 passengers. The plane is nicknamed “The Flying Elephant” by El Al head Mordechai Ben-Ari. 

June 9, 1967 — Troops Move Into Syrian Golan

Israeli forces led by Maj. Gen. David Elazar launch an offensive into the Syrian-controlled Golan Heights on the fifth day of the Six-Day War. The offensive produces heavy Israeli casualties but gives Israel control of the Golan before accepting a cease-fire the next day.

June 10, 1930 — Arab Leaders Recognize Failure of Not Cooperating

Frederick Kisch, the head of the Jewish Agency’s political department, writes in his diary that he has learned from a variety of sources that all members of the Arab leadership in Palestine except the mufti of Jerusalem acknowledge that refusing to participate in British government discussions about the future of Mandatory Palestine has been a failure. 

June 11, 1947 — Emma Gottheil Dies

Emma Gottheil, one of the first female Zionist leaders, dies at her New York home at age 85. She helps found a group that becomes Hadassah, named in memory of Emma’s mother.  

June 12, 1948 — Jews in Tripoli Face Riots

A mob attacks the Jewish Quarter in Tripoli, Libya, while North African Arabs are passing through the city on their way to join the armies fighting against Israel’s independence. In the resulting two days of riots, 14 Jews are killed, and 300 lose their homes. Rioters are heard shouting, “If we cannot go to Palestine to fight Jews, let’s fight them here.” 

June 13, 1950 — Harari Resolution Ends Constitution Push

The Knesset adopts the Harari Resolution, a compromise proposal stipulating that Israel will adopt a series of Basic Laws instead of crafting a constitution as a single document. The Declaration of Independence had called for a constitution to be drafted by Oct. 1, 1948.

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