July 19, 1940 — Max Bodenheimer Dies

Early Zionist leader Max Bodenheimer dies five years after immigrating to Jerusalem. Bodenheimer published his first Zionist article, on the question of whether Russian Jews are a nation, in 1891. 

July 20, 1949 — Syria, Israel Sign Armistice

Israel signs an armistice with Syria. Israel had already signed agreements with Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. The armistice does not set permanent borders or lead to peace talks but does create three demilitarized zones between the countries, as well as a buffer zone manned by U.N. peacekeepers. 

July 21, 1948 — U.S. Opposes Stationing Troops in Israel

Responding to a request from the U.N. mediator in Israel for U.S. Marines to be stationed temporarily in Jerusalem to support a truce, Philip Jessup writes a seven-point memo on why the United States should say no. He argues among other points that the U.S. public would oppose such a use of the U.S. military, it would hurt U.S.-Arab relations, and it would fuel Soviet propaganda against the United States.

July 22, 1946 — King David Hotel Bombed

The militant Jewish organization Irgun bombs Jerusalem’s King David Hotel, the British administrative headquarters in Palestine, as part of a violent campaign to drive the British out of the Land of Israel. Despite warnings called in to the hotel and to the Palestine Post, the King David is not evacuated, and 91 people are killed, including 41 Arabs, 28 Britons and 17 Jews. 

July 23, 1984 — Israel Elects 11th Knesset

Israel holds the election for the 11th Knesset. The Labor Alignment, led by Shimon Peres, wins 44 seats, while the ruling Likud, led by Yitzhak Shamir, receives 41 seats in the 120-person parliament. Labor and Likud agree to create a national unity government. Peres serves as prime minister for the first two years of the government, and Shamir takes over for the next two years. 

July 24, 1920 — Bella Abzug Born

Bella Abzug, the first Jewish woman elected to Congress, is born in the Bronx to Orthodox Jewish immigrant parents from Russia. She serves three terms in the U.S. House after first being elected in 1970.

July 25, 1973 — Gold Medalist Leibovitch Born

Keren Leibovitch, considered Israel’s greatest Paralympian, is born in Hod Hasharon near Tel Aviv. Leibovitch does not swim competitively until after she is paralyzed from the waist down in an accident while training to be an Israel Defense Forces officer at age 18. A coach spots Leibovitch’s potential when she swims as part of her rehabilitation, and she goes on to win four gold medals, two silvers and a bronze in Paralympic swimming in 2000 and 2004.

Items are provided by the Center for Israel Education. 


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