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Bob Wilhelmy

Out of the mouths of babes!

Consider the brownie – that square confection known to virtually all Americans as a fudgy, chocolaty, chewy cross between cake and cookie. Now consider the brownie re-imagined, and available in 16 types, at Buckabee Brownies. 

You’ll find Buckabee Brownies on Cornell Road, between where Kenwood Road ends and Reed-Hartman Highway intersects in Blue Ash. You’ll also find Miriam Spitz and Tommer Kahan, brownie chef and biz partner, respectively, turning out delightful brownies and blondies. More about the delicious brownies in a sec, but first the backstory. 

Miriam Spitz and Tommer Kahan, owners of Buckabee Brownies, started the business from their home kitchen.

Miriam Spitz and Tommer Kahan, owners of Buckabee Brownies, started the business from their home kitchen.


Miriam is local, a grad of Yavneh Day School (now Rockwern Academy). She grew up here in the Jewish community. She made aliyah to Israel, where she met her husband, Tommer, Israeli born and bred. Together, they returned to Cincinnati, intent on starting a business of their own.

“We’re both from the corporate world and we wanted to do something that brought joy to ourselves and to others,” Spitz said. “I used to bake with my mom all the time growing up, and we were throwing a dinner party once, and I made a brownie recipe I used to make (with mom).” 

The response of the party-goers was inspiring, Spitz said. “‘Oh my goodness – where did you get these brownies!?’ Well, we made them. Ding! We wanted to start a business anyway, so ...”

So, they did, at first working from their home kitchen, turning out batches of brownies, expanding the line to include “blondies” and flavor themes spun off the shape and texture of the brownie. They sold their brownie line from home to start, during 2018. In February of this year, they opened the retail store, Buckabee Brownies.

As for the lead sentence of this article, Buckabee came from the couple’s son, a small child, learning to speak, who said “buckabee” when trying to say “brownie.” He likes them too, of course, and his word for this treat now is the name on the shop. 

Walk-in trade is most of the business now that the shop is open, but corporate accounts are part of the mix too.

“We have both, and all kinds (of patrons) come here. Brownies are easy to eat; not messy and not gender or class specific,” Spitz said. “People simply enjoy them as a treat.

Some of the brownies and blondies that make up the 16 varieties sold at Buckabee Brownies.

Some of the brownies and blondies that make up the 16 varieties sold at Buckabee Brownies.


“The most popular brownie is the fudgy chocolate, because that is what people are used to, I think. But the oatmeal-white chocolate is just divine. And the raspberry-white chocolate is one that people are surprised by, how good it is,” Spitz added.

In my never-ending quest to provide readers of this column with information they can use, I did a taste test. Sampled were the fudgy chocolate (available also made with gluten-free ingredients), marble, oatmeal, and white chocolate, and red velvet cream cheese. Being a brownie fan, these were a real treat. And fun! The texture is all brownie, but the flavors are delightfully different. My favorites are the red velvet; and the oatmeal and white chocolate brownie, but what’s not to like about any one of the them – all good! 

Choices include: chocolate and walnut; chocolate chip; peanut butter and chocolate; and pecan; also, the Square of the Day; coffee and white chocolate brownie on Monday; salted caramel on Tuesday; the aforementioned red velvet cream cheese on Wednesday; cookies and cream brownie on Thursday; raspberry and white chocolate brownie on Friday; and the red velvet again on Saturday. Also, there are seasonal flavors, winter being peppermint; and lemon-poppy seed for spring is coming soon.

“Our brownies and blondies are for any occasion, and we want the Jewish community to know that we’re local and that they (the brownie products) are made from scratch, hand-crafted right here. The integrity of our brownies is very important to us,” she said. 

And for Jewish patrons wanting to eat kosher style, the brownies meet those standards as well. 

When going to Buckabee Brownies, take note of the Edges product section; you may wish to try those. Pans of brownies are cut from the center, with the more crusty-baked edges cut off. Those edges are for sale by the bag, and the patron selects as many edges as will fit in the bag, all for a set, modest price. It’s a great way to get more for your money, and more to try, since the edges are a mix of flavors. Plus, here’s one vote for the crusty part of the brownie (or blondie too) – my favorite.

Buckabee Brownies also features coffee made from a proprietary house blend of Guatemalan and French roasted beans. The coffee is medium dark roast, and can be bought by the cup, or as part of a special that includes two brownies of your choice.

See you at Buckabee Brownies! 

Buckabee Brownies

4756 Cornell Road

Blue Ash, Ohio, 45241


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