Bob Wilhelmy

Bob Wilhelmy

Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service established a special delivery component in 1885? The idea then was that a parcel needing expedited delivery could receive it by opting for the speedier, no-holds-barred service. 

Brad Bernstein’s new concept at Postmark in Clifton is a special delivery in Greater Cincinnati’s dining scene as well. 

“It’s not a restaurant, it’s a dinner party,” he said. “That is our catch phrase for what we are doing here (at Postmark). You could look at it as a chef’s dinner party on some occasions, and if you want to have a private party for an event, an anniversary, a wedding party, a bar (or bat) mitzvah or some business function, it’s an ideal space for any of those.” 

Postmark is readily available for one and all such events, with lots of room to accommodate large parties.

A little history may be helpful here: Bernstein opened Postmark as a fine-dine restaurant a few years ago. Personally, we ate there two or three times and the food was outstanding. Having eaten at Bernstein’s Red Feather in Oakley, I expected no less. Red Feather is a favorite of mine because of the food, the supply chain, the ambiance, and the service – but mostly because the food is sensational. Postmark, as a restaurant, was the same, but for whatever reason, simply did not catch on. So, Postmark, the restaurant, closed earlier this year. 

Postmark set up a bread and dip table.

Postmark set up a bread and dip table. 


Now Bernstein is re-branding Postmark as a special dining and event space. We attended the open house celebration, a hybrid of sorts, being a chef’s party and an event all in one, held on a recent Friday evening. Complimentary valet parking was part of the experience, making it seamlessly easy on all guests. 

Postmark’s charcuterie table featured at a recent event.

Postmark’s charcuterie table featured at a recent event. 


The chef featured a charcuterie selection on a long, narrow board hewn from the trunk of a tree. Exotic cheeses on boards occupied tables dotted around the main dining area. Wine and cocktails were available for those who wanted them. 

One of several cheese tables that were available during a recent event at Postmark.

One of several cheese tables that were available during a recent event at Postmark. 


 The party drew a steady stream of people, all of whom seemed to be embracing the evening. Bernstein had said, “I am absolutely enamored [of] the space. I love the feel and the vibe” of it, being situated as it is in the gaslight district of the UC-Clifton community. The buzz in the room was one of agreement with his assessment of the space and its locale. 

Going forward, Bernstein plans to schedule and arrange a variety of chef “parties” built around his culinary skills. There will be themed dinner parties, where he may showcase a specific menu with wine pairings. His creative bent is at work here, because he wants to refine the offerings beyond what a conventional, menu-driven restaurant setting will allow. Translation: go to one of his chef-planned dinner parties and you’ll experience some extraordinary, delicious cuisine. 

Postmark has been rebranded into  a special dining and event space.

Postmark has been rebranded into  a special dining and event space.


Chef collaborations are being considered, where marquee names will be part of the social and culinary experience. Romantic evenings-out will be another approach, some with music to suit the ambiance. In fact, Bernstein already is planning several dinner evenings with 3- and 4-piece musical ensembles as part of the attraction. “We are calling it Music at the Mark, and we are looking at world music: gypsy jazz, a string quartet from CCM, maybe Peruvian music with cuisine to match,” he said. 

Also planned are collaborations with local entertainment spots. “We’ll do a 3-course dinner or a tasting menu of 11-13 courses (or some other food-focused offering) and arrange it so our guests will have time to enjoy the food and drink here (at Postmark), and easily be in place for the start of entertainment,” he said. 

How the ticketing and collaboration will work is in the planning stage now.

Of course, and especially for the Jewish community, there is the attraction the space holds for private functions of up to 80 guests. One advantage is in the food quality and variety that Bernstein offers, including kosher-style food choices. 

“We have an event menu template that will help (the party planner), but I have the kitchen staff and skills to do just about whatever food the planners may want,” he said.

The other advantage is the space, which is ideal for events of all types. Plus, complimentary valet parking easily can be built into the events, so that guests need only drive up to the front door and enter Postmark.

See you at an upcoming event at Postmark!


3410 Telford St.,

Cincinnati, Ohio, 45220

(513) 281-3663

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