Cathy Sachs Hollander

Cathy Sachs Hollander

Jan Frankel and John Cobey of Cincinnati hosted their granddaughter, Elia Aviv Ayelet Cobey’s baby naming at a Havdalah service and dinner at Losantiville Country Club in May. 

Elia is the daughter of David Cobey and Ariel Schneier of Seattle. Grandparents Dr. Jason and Betsy Schneier also of Seattle flew in for the naming of their granddaughter. Family and friends attended from near and far.

Rabbi Sissy Coran of Rockdale Temple officiated at an outdoor service reflecting that Elia begins the fourth generation at Rockdale Temple as well as the fourth generation at Congregation Beth Shalom in Seattle. A large silver Kiddush cup will be engraved with the family tree evidencing the family’s marriages and births.

David and Ariel found choosing a name challenging. They went to the hospital with 100 names and came home with 75. They settled on four names, one more than custom, but each filled with meaning. Her first name Elia comes from the Hebrew Eliana meaning “My God has answered” reflecting “the miraculous nature of her birth and that she will always be viewed as an answer to a great prayer.” Ariel and David also loved the name because of its relation to the Greek word helios meaning sun light. They hope she will channel and combine two great rays of light, one from each of their families – Ariel’s great grandmother Ella and David’s maternal grandmother Helen Frankel.  

Elia’s first middle name Aviv remembers David’s paternal grandmother Phyllis Weston, that Elia may be a spring branch full of life. With Ayelet, they remember the quiet strength of Ariel’s grandfather Harold Rosenbaum. They hope Elia with share both great grandparents’ artistry.

At her baby naming, Elia already showed the rays of light, the spring branch full of life, and the quiet strength of the generations of family she was named for.

Cincinnati’s own Samuel Spencer Snow and Lily Zeng married on Sunday, May 26, 2019. Lily was born in Los Angeles and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. The couple were married by Rabbi Samuel Pollak at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden. 

Sam, a 2007 graduate of Sycamore High School, attended and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2011. He is studying at Yale University for his Ph.D. in ecological and evolutionary biology. Sam’s field research as an ornithologist has taken him to many jungles around the world.

Sam’s joyful and proud parents are Tobe and Steve Snow of Cincinnati. His sister Emily Aleev-Snow and her husband Andrey Aleev came all the way from Abu Dhabi for this simcha. Sam’s sister Jessica also loved all the festivities.

Lily graduated from Lisgar High School in Ottawa, Ontario, and went on to attend and graduate from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Lily completed her Ph.D. in 2018 from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science. Lily’s field research for her Ph.D. took her to study sacred gardens in China.

Lily’s joyful and proud family includes her parents Yi Zeng and June Liu and her sister Diana Zeng.

Nicole Simon, daughter of Martin and the late Lori Simon, is engaged to marry Jeff Cohen. Jeff is the son of Sherry and Mitch Cohen of Cincinnati. Nicole is a graduate of Ohio University and is a former assistant editor at the American Israelite. At present, she works for the SPCA of Cincinnati. 

So, now it’s your turn. What did you hear? Who became grandmas and grandpas recently? Who’s planning a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah. Who just had a baby. Who did you visit from Cincinnati or who came back to see you from out of town? Parties, celebrations, significant birthdays, we can’t enjoy your good news if we don’t know.

If you have them, send photos too. If you have something to tell me, email me at the If you want me to know how else to get in touch with you, feel free to leave a phone number. I’ll also call and check out any news you may have about a friend or neighbor.

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