Aharon Helman and Tehilla Sollofe

Aharon Helman and Tehilla Sollofe


Aharon Helman and Tehilla Sollofe are engaged to marry in July 2019. 

Tehilla is the daughter of Andrew and Rachel Blank Sollofe of Cincinnati. Aharon is the son of Dovid and Sara Schmerling Helman of Baltimore, grandson of Gerald and the late Dorothy Helman and Esther and the late Erwin Schmerling. 

Aharon went to Darchei Torah in Far Rockaway and then Toros Moshe in Jerusalem for 3 years of Yeshiva before returning to Baltimore to continue Talmudic studies at Ner Israel. He graduates from the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus (UMBC) this spring with a B.S. in chemistry, minors in physics and philosophy. 

Tehilla went to Cincinnati Hebrew Day School in Golf Manor and Regional Institute of Torah and Secular Studies (RITSS) High School for Girls. She went to Israel for her gap year to study at Darchei Bina Seminary with help from the grant from the Jewish Federation. After her gap year, she went to Stern College for Women in New York and graduated with a B.A. in biology. Tehilla is currently at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and will graduate in 2021.

Tehilla’s friend Esther Preis Gerstman, daughter of Rabbi Yitzchok and Rivka Preis of Cincinnati, was the informal matchmaker (shadchan) along with her husband Tani. Aharon is a friend of Esther’s husband. When Esther first suggested that Aharon and Tehilla meet, Aharon couldn’t move to Minneapolis, so Tehilla didn’t think it would work. Esther was persistent. She felt the couple would be a good match, so she tried again a year later. Aharon’s situation had changed and he could move to Minneapolis. During Tehilla’s winter break, she flew to Baltimore to meet Aharon. He plans to apply to veterinary school.

The wedding will be at the Hunt Valley Marriott in Baltimore. 

At Connor Burnett’s Bar Mitzvah are, from left, Steve Handelsman, Marvin Weisberger, and Connor. The man on the right is unidentified.

At Connor Burnett’s Bar Mitzvah are, from left, Steve Handelsman, Marvin Weisberger, and Connor. The man on the right is unidentified.


Connor J. Burnett was called to the Torah as a bar mitzvah on May 4 followed by a Kiddush lunch and that evening, a small family dinner. 

There was a ceremony on April 11 (his Jewish birthday) which was the first time he was called to the Torah and performed the mitzvah of putting on tefillin. The family delayed the bar mitzvah ceremony because of Passover, but, technically, he became a bar mitzvah on his Jewish birthday.  

Connor is the son of Derrick and Kylila Burnett, and is Hannah Burnett’s older brother. He is the grandson of Pamela Hayes, and Marc and Beatrice Katz, and the great grandson of Rita Katz and the late Dr. Elmer Katz, and the late Lois and Jerry Pearson.

His mother’s bat mitzvah was May 2, 1992, the same weekend date as Connor’s bar mitzvah. His grandfather Marc was especially proud to pass the Torah to his grandson on this special day.

In his speech, Connor said, “Today I’ve become a responsible member of the Jewish people – a crucial link in a chain that stretches back over 3,000 years, to King David, to the great teacher Moses, and to the first Jew, to Abraham.

“I know that in order for this chain to be strong and to endure, in order for the earlier links to be forever connected to the links that are yet to come, in order for Jewish life to survive and to flourish into the future generations, in order for Judaism to continue to provide a positive moral influence onto the rest of civilization, I am needed to play my part to make that happen.”

Enrique Rosen

Enrique Rosen


Enrique Rosen graduated from the Ohio State with a degree in Computer Engineering on May 5 2019. He was awarded a Morrill scholarship for the four years he attended the university. 

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