Cathy Sachs Hollander

Cathy Sachs Hollander

Ed and Gail Dollin of Cincinnati proudly announce the marriage of their daughter Rachael Erin Dollin to Kenneth Leare Eagle, son of Rick and Linda Eagle of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Rachael is the granddaughter of Beverly and the late Louis Dollin of Cincinnati, and Melvin and Corky Maltz, and the late Phyllis Maltz, of Houston, Texas.

Kenny is the grandson of the late Anita and Sidney Eagle of Lantana, Florida; and Nancy and the late James Krebs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Rachael grew up in Cincinnati and graduated from Indian Hill High School in 2008 and Indiana University in 2012 with a bachelor of arts degree in marketing and journalism. Rachael is a senior marketing manager for Facebook in New York City. 

Kenny grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduating from Indiana University in 2013 with bachelor of science degree in finance and economics from the Kelly School of Business. Kenny is a healthcare engagement manager with McKinsey & Company in New York City.

Rachael Erin Dollin to Kenneth Leare Eagle

Rachael Erin Dollin to Kenneth Leare Eagle


Even though Rachael and Kenny both attended the University of Indiana and probably attended many of the same parties, they did not meet until they both resided in New York City, meeting though mutual friends. 

The December wedding and reception were held at the Prospect House located in Dripping Springs in Austin, Texas. 

The couple will soon be relocating to Chicago, Illinois, with their respective employers.

Sarah Faith Habib and Eric Joseph Elias were married on June 1 at Plum Street Temple in Cincinnati. Rabbi Lewis H. Kamrass officiated. Following the ceremony, the reception was at Music Hall. 

Sarah is a daughter of Elissa J. Habib and Mitchell J. Habib of Cincinnati. Mitchell Habib is the CEO of FCM, a consulting group that assists private equity firms, and Elissa Habib is the immediate past president of Isaac M. Wise Temple. Eric is a son of Linda L. Elias and Thomas J. Elias of West Chester, Ohio

Sarah graduated from Tufts University and is the founder and the chief executive of Mission2Move, a chronic stress prevention program for children in Cincinnati.

Sarah Habib and Eric Elias

Sarah Habib and Eric Elias 


Eric graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and works in Chicago and Cincinnati as a director at FCM, where he focuses on the organizational structures of its clients. 

The couple, who were set up in January 2017 by a former colleague of Mr. Elias, and an employee of Ms. Habib’s father, met first on a professional basis after Mr. Elias reached out to Ms. Habib on LinkedIn for an 8 a.m. networking meet-up at a San Francisco coffee shop. The thinly disguised meet-up quickly turned into something more social, and he later asked her out. That evening Ms. Habib had dinner with a friend, who coincidentally dated him once, and predicted they would get married.

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