Cathy Sachs Hollander

Cathy Sachs Hollander

Edward and Nina Paul are pleased to announce the birth of their granddaughter, Mira Erika Richler, daughter of Lainey (Paul) and Yair Richler was born on May 2, 2021 at 6 lbs 13 oz. Lainey returned to Cincinnati after ten years in Israel, with her husband Yair. Lainey served in an IDF Intelligence Unit for nearly eight years, making Captain. "We are ecstatic that they decided to raise their family in Cincinnati! 

Mira Erika Richler

Mira Erika Richler

Meryl (Meisner) and Hector Chen’s son Irving Yiping Chen was born Jan. 1, 2021 at 11:07 a.m., weight 7 pounds 13 ounces. Maternal grandparents are David and Pamela Meisner of Wyoming (Cincinnati) Ohio. Paternal grandparents are Lin Chen (Cincinnati), Sui Lin (Cincinnati) and Medea Meng (New York, New York).

Irving Yiping Chen with Meryl and Hector Chen

Irving Yiping Chen with Meryl and Hector Chen

Irving’s Bris took place in Meryl and Hector Chen’s home in Beaufort, South Carolina. Pam and David Meisner were in attendance and all other family members and Hector attended on via video chat. 

Irving is named for Meryl’s paternal grandfather. The patriarch of her father’s family was a strong-willed, tall, caring, Detroit Tigers loving man. “I loved him so much and have many fond memories,” said Meryl. He passed away April 2020, roughly a month shy of his 99th birthday. Meryl’s grandfather and son are almost 100 years apart. 

For a middle name, the couple knew they wanted something Chinese and something to compliment the first name. Yiping (毅平), is two characters. The first character 毅(Yi) means strong-willed perseverance and endurance; the second character (Ping) means balance, peace, and fairness. 

Meryl and Hector met while attending middle school and high school at Wyoming City Schools. They currently live in Beaufort SC because Hector is stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort as a naval aviator flying the F/A-18 hornet. 

Fun fact: Hector was deployed when Irving was born, but was able to be with Meryl via video phone for the whole labor and delivery. 

Michal Reitburger  and Zevi Weisberg

Michal Reitburger  and Zevi Weisberg

A matchmaker in Baltimore brought Zevi Weisberg and Michal Reitburger together after Passover 2021 at the suggestion of Michal’s friend. Four weeks and one day later they were engaged.

Zevi is the son of Ari and Chana (Moskowitz) Weisberg of Cincinnati. Michal is the daughter of Jason and Shani Reitburger. Michal’s grandparents are Rabbi and Mrs Yehuda Hoffman of Baltimore. 

 Zevi’s grandparents were Herman and Shari Moskowitz of Cincinnati and Rabbi Yankel and Henchy Weisberg of Lakewood, New Jersey. 

Celebrating a marriage-to-be is done through a number of parties. First, the families joined together for the L’chaim where Zevi officially proposed to Michal. The families drank to their happiness with wishes of “L’chaim” meaning “To life.” The Vort, the engagement party in Baltimore, followed about five days later with a wider circle of relatives and friends including some of Chana’s old friends and Michal’s friend Shira, who had suggested the match, and her parents. Both events were held at the bride’s family home. Michal’s mothers and sisters put together the flowers.

Chana and Ari hosted an engagement party in Cincinnati at their home. Chana’s friends made the salads, and fruit and vegetable platters. Chana made the desserts herself, her specialty. They included chocolate lotus butter log, praline chocolate truffles in a variety of shapes with sweet cream, vodka cake, a chocolate mocha cake that she is known for, cookies, lemon cheesecake mousse, and different kinds of pink candies.

The wedding will be on July 25, 2021, at Beth Tfiloh in Baltimore which has a catering hall attached. There’s a lot to be arranged — a flurry of activity to pull together a wedding quickly. Michal’s family hired a party planner from New York. Chana shopped for a dress in Baltimore before returning to Cincinnati. 

The bride’s mother asked about Zevi’s favorite Jewish bands, the detail that was important to Zevi. There are a number of good Jewish singers. The question was who would be available. A photographer, flowers, a makeup artist, invitations, and liquor all must be arranged. 


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