Jewish Fertility Foundation Advisory Committee

Jewish Fertility Foundation Advisory Committee


The Jewish Fertility Foundation (JFF), founded in Atlanta in 2016, opened an office in Cincinnati in September 2019, their first expansion city. JFF provides both financial assistance and emotional support to Jewish people who have medical fertility challenges, and they offer educational awareness training within the community around those directly affected by infertility.

Applications for the first Fertility Grants from JFF-Cincy are open, funded by a grant received in January 2020 from the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati that enables a matching grant from JFF Headquarters. The Cincinnati office, led by Fertility Law Attorney, Rachel Loftspring,  also offers a Fertility Buddies Program, which pairs volunteer veterans of infertility, trained by a licensed infertility therapist, with individuals currently experiencing infertility. Community programming in Cincinnati is upcoming; JFF conducts training sessions for Jewish communal leaders and medical professionals around infertility sensitivity, as well as for family and loved ones of people with fertility challenges. 

JFF-Cincy held their first event, Bubbles & Bunco, on Jan. 15. Hosted by Loftspring, and members of the JFF-Cincy advisory committee - Tracy Juran, Marisa Phillips, Dr. Michael D. Scheiber, Sarah Shmoel, and Rabbi Karen Thomashow - the event introduced the services provided by the organization.

"The Cincinnati Jewish community, as well as local reproductive endocrinologists, have welcomed JFF with open arms,” said Elana Frank, founder and CEO. “People are always impressed that we’ve done so much in such a short time, but really it’s only possible because of the dedicated group of volunteers on the ground in Cincinnati. They have been instrumental in raising awareness, securing Fertility Buddies, soliciting donations and so much more over the past year while preparing for our pilot year in Cincinnati. We look forward to 2020 and offering our first Fertility Grants to fertility-challenged individuals and couples in Cincinnati. Together, we will remove the stigma of infertility and build more Jewish families."

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